"Access to art as never before!"

The Roland Collection of films on art, offers inexhaustible worlds of history, culture, philosophy, emotion, human document, celebration, protest, moral challenge and imaginative liberation - all embodied in the forms of art.

Anthony Roland, film maker and art expert, has created a unique archive of international talent in film-making and contemporary writing: the work of 230 film directors from 25 countries and 116 authors in conversation, in this award-winning collection of 500 films covering prehistory to the present day.

The Roland Collection is a unique resource for those looking for films on art, literature and architecture. Our massive selection of fine art educational videos and films of famous writers interviewed by their critics makes ours an ideal collection for both art lovers and novices alike.

Our comprehensive award winning collection of fine art educational videos span over 20 periods of art history from all across the world. The range of subjects covered by our numerous videos are great. Our subjects are varied, including landscapes, religion, the human form and photography.

The archive also contains 116 videos of famous writers interviewed by a fellow writer. Videos in this intimate collection include interviews with Maya Angelou, Gore Vidal and Salman Rushdie. The "Writers on Writing" course contains advice for budding authors on all parts of creative writing, directly from successful authors.

This collection of films on art is inspiring for both enthusiasts of the subject and for educators of art. We offer subscription packages for institutions and can supply high quality streams for use on local networks. For single users, home learners and those with an interest in art, our very special collection of fine art educational videos and our films of famous writers interviewed can be bought for downloading online, or in other formats; we supply our films on VHS, Beta SP and 16 mm.

Should you need any more information about our films on art, or tips about the various possible uses of our fine art educational videos, then please contact us. We can be reached by telephone in both the USA and the UK or by email at info@rolandcollection.com.

The Roland Collection of Films on Art,

Selection of fine art educational videos and films of famous writers interviewed.




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