Max Ernst: Journey into the Subconscious

12 minutes, color, age range: 12 - adult, #560

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Max Ernst: Journey into the Subconscious

Max Ernst The Bride of the Wind

The inner world of the great painter Max Ernst is the subject of this film. One of the principal founders of Surrealism, Max Ernst explores the nature of materials and the emotional significance of shapes to combine with his collages and netherworld canvases. The director and Ernst together use the film creatively as a medium to explain the artist's own development.

'A very beautiful film, Max Ernst, the great enchanter, elegant and sensitive, casts a spell over his public. Without priggishness, a poetry of high quality, fairy-like without being imprecise, leads one ultimately into surrealism.' UNESCO

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Surrealism's disturbing send-up of convention has become part of our cultural baggage, and influenced generations not only of artists but also of designers, advertisers, humorists and film-makers. In Max Ernst's animation we see the more recent cartoons of Terry Gilliam, made famous in the television comedy Monty Python's Flying Circus, itself strongly Surrealist in ethos.

Ernst's depiction of Victorian engraved images is humorous, yet also curiously atmospheric, almost melancholic.

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Directors: Peter Schamoni: Dr C Lamb
Narration/Voice: Max Ernst
Original music: Hans Posegga


Grand Prix, Oberhausen
Highly Commended, German Center for Film Classification

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