Writers Talk Series

One of the most important literary resources currently available on video.

Each video in the series features a writer talking with another writer or critic. In these conversations friends and professionals, who have one thing in common - a love of writing and literature - get to the very heart of their lives and their work. Many of the videos contain questions from a live audience. The writers speak in their own time, with little editing and no censorship.

The videos may be used in a variety of ways. As part of an educational program they will inspire and bring students closer to an international body of writers. They may be used as the basis for creative writing courses. As part of a public library resource they will lead new readers to established and new writers.

The videos are produced by ICA Video at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London. Recent titles have received generous sponsorship by 'The Guardian' newspaper.

Available on request: an illustrated catalog with biographical details and cross referencing index for each of the adjacent subject categories:

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African writing

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American Indian writing

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Australian writing

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Black women's writing

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Black writing

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Canadian writing

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Caribbean writing

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Children's books

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The cut-up method

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The detective story

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Emigration and displacement

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Fairy tales and myths

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Hebrew writing

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History - The historical novel

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Irony and Satire

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Japanese writing

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Latin American writing

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Magical realism

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The modern tradition

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Mothers and children in literature

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The oral tradition

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Palestinian writing

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Poetry for children

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Polish writing

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Political responsibilities of the writer

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Religion and belief

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The role of the writer

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Structuralist and deconstructionist criticism

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The short story

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Televisual culture

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Travel writing

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The war and the anti-war novel

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Women's writing

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Writing for television

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Writing about sex

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